Our Rights Respecting Schools Journey.

Craigdhu's Rights Respecting Journey so far.

In August 2021, Craigdhu Primary School became a Rights Respecting School. We did this by creating an action plan based on the three rights respecting strands; Strand A: Teaching and learning about rights, Strand B: Teaching and learning through rights – ethos and relationships and Strand C: Teaching and learning for rights – participation, empowerment and action. The Respecting school award is an assessment by UNICEF and has three stages: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Mrs Crossey and the Rights Respecting Group have been working hard since the start of the school year and have already earned the Bronze award for the school. The Rights Respecting group have presented in assembly, taught lessons, read books about rights to the whole school and to younger classes, they have taught a needs and wants lesson in class and ensured all classes have a class charter. They successfully ran a mascot competition which every child could enter and choose the top 6, then the Senior Leadership Team picked the top 3. A display of the top 3 was put up in the gym hall and every child got to pick their favourite. This led to the beginning of Rights Respecting Rexy. He is a very important symbol within our community as he links with the school's values, visions and nurturing behavioural policy. He is displayed at the front door and on large playground charter signs. The children are awarded Rexy stickers throughout the day if they are showing the schools values and these stickers go towards a whole school award. Which the pupils earned in December.

Silver award for rights respecting schools  

Our next step within the journey will be to work towards the silver award. It has been a very awarding journey for the school community so far.

Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable development goals

The Rights Respecting Group have now started to think about the rights of children in our own community and the world. This has led us to think of the sustainable development goals and how we can help the United Nations. We have so far we have collects Food for the local Food bank at Christmas with a reverse advent calendar and now every class has taken on a challenge to help make the world more sustainable.

We have lots of exciting projects and missions starting, please see each classes contribution below:

Mrs Kerr’s P7 class has just completed a Wild Friday, which was on the 4th February 2022 . The children wore animal print clothes, masks etc.... It was a silver donation to WWF linking with sustainable development goal 15, Life on land. We raised £174.73 for WWF.

Mrs Gordon’s P7 class will be organising and playing games with P1 and P2 on Friday Lunchtimes. This is to promote the sustainable development goal 3, Good health and wellbeing. P6 have started Craigdhu’s Big Bottle Challenge.

P6 are promoting children bringing their own water bottles to the canteen to stop pupils taking small water bottles. We are working hard to cut down on the amount of plastic being thrown away. This is linked with the sustainable development goal 12, Responsible consumption and production.

P5/P6 are collecting children's books to send to African schools. We have boxes for the books at the office entrance. These boxes will be sent to a charity so they can deliver them to schools in Africa which need them. This links with sustainable development goals number 4, Quality Education.

P5 are going to writing a song or campaign to make people more aware of poverty and how we can help. This will be shared on the school’s twitter page and on Seesaw. This will focus on the Sustainable development goal 1, Poverty.

P4 Are going to ensure the school is recycling paper and litter picking weekly. P4 will be working with the janitor and the teachers to ensure we are all aware of the amount of paper being wasted. This is linked with sustainable development goal 12, Responsible consumption and production.

P3/P4 are focusing on Saving Energy. Their Rights Respecting member, Eco schools members and pupil council member will walk around at break and lunch and turn off lights. The class will create an awareness around the school about wasting energy and how everyone can help. This links with sustainable development goal 13, Climate Action.

P3 are making bird feeders to promote wildlife around the school and Miss Stenhouse will record a video for Seesaw so all pupils and parents can make them at home. This links with sustainable development goal 15, Life on Land.

P2 will be working on their health and well-being looking at compliments and kindness- This will work alongside their health and well-being lessons and links with the sustainable development goal 3, good health and well-being.

P1 have worked hard this year during COP 26 were they helped Winston the Polar Bear. P1 linked all their play related activities and displays to save Winston and the Churchill Polar Bears. They thought about climate change and how that was melting the icebergs. These lessons linked with development goal 13, Climate Action.

Thank you in advance for all your support in helping make a more sustainable world and promoting the rights for every child not just locally but globally!

We’ve All Got Rights